Fiber-Enabled Smart Homes: Energy Efficiency Devices

energy efficiency and fiber

A fiber broadband network gives you the internet speed, bandwidth, and reliability to run all your home appliances on your Wi-Fi network. Not only are smart appliances functional in that they allow you to manage your home from an app, they also help you mitigate energy consumption.

There are many benefits of a fiber broadband network that will enable you to set up a smart home. Here’s why fiber is better when setting up a smart home:

  • More bandwidth -

    Fiber broadband networks offer more bandwidth, meaning you can stream, work, video conference, and manage all of your appliances without worrying about slow speeds or dropped service. 


  • Reliable service -

    Fiber networks lose service less frequently than any other network, so if you’re counting on your Wi-Fi connection to manage your home from afar, fiber is the obvious choice. 


  • Fast speeds -

    With speeds up to 1GB, Luminate allows you to make the connection faster—no waiting for smart appliance apps to load.

fiber benefits for energy efficiency



Once you have the fastest, most reliable internet service in town, you can set up smart devices that can help you save money on your electricity bill. Here are a few of our favorite energy-efficient smart appliances:


Smart Plugs

Smart plugs allow you to manage the energy that flows to your appliances. By plugging any appliance into a smart plug, you can turn it on and off from an app anytime, anywhere. That way, you’re only utilizing energy when you need it. 


Smart Lights

Similarly, smart lighting helps you turn on and off lights anytime. Whether you’ve left the lights on downstairs after you’ve already gone to bed or want to turn lights on during certain times while you’re on vacation to help protect your home, smart lights give you more control over your energy use.


Smart Thermostats 

A smart thermostat connected through fiber broadband can help you save money on heating and air conditioning. These smart appliances allow you to manage the temperature in your home from anywhere. Forget to turn off the heat before a trip? A big unexpected storm coming in, and you’re not at home? Smart thermostats help you heat and cool your home more efficiently.



Use fiber broadband to log in to your SmartHub account to monitor energy use. The more you know, the more empowered you are to keep your energy bill down.

The future of technology is managing your energy use and appliances from afar with a fiber-enabled smart home. Is your home prepared? 


Visit Luminate today to learn more about setting up fiber broadband at your home today.