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What factors impact speed?
Speed can be affected by many variables, how many devices are connected, the age of your equipment/devices, location of your modem. Below are common factors that can affect your speed:

  • Age of Devices
  • Long Wires
  • Viruses
  • Number of Users or Devices
  • Location of Equipment
What are some tips to maximize speed?

Reset your modem every few months.

Look at relocating your modem if you are having connectivity issues. The closer your modem is to your devices the faster your speed will be.

If you continue to have connectivity issues, a WiFi Signal Booster may be a great solution.

Security software

Maximize your speed by having the best package for your use. How many devices do you have connected (including Smart Home devices)? Call customer service today to discuss the best speed for your needs 970.870.4320.


Is your modem plugged in?

It is the simplest, but sometimes it really is that easy. Make sure all of the cords are steady and that if it is plugged into a power cord, that the power cord light is on.

Are lights illuminated?

The lights should always be green in the green box.

The items in the red boxes are only illuminated if they are in use and something is plugged into those ports on the back.  

Lights off? The fix: Reboot your modem by unplugging your modem for 10 seconds and then plugging in.  

Lights on? Try this: If all modem lights are on, try a different device and different website to see if it has access to the internet. 

Did your network name change?

If the appropriate lights are illuminated on your modem, check the network name. Did your network go back to the original name (on modem)?


Step 1. Log into the web-based console

You’ll need to log into the web-based console for your residential gateway in order to make configuration changes. To log in:

  1. Connect to your residential gateway, either with an Ethernet cable or by Wi-Fi (you do not need to have Internet access to do this).
  2. In a browser window go to
  3. Your username and password will be on a sticker on the unit and is unique to your residential gateway; enter them.
  4. Click Login.
Step 2. Go to the wireless tab

The wireless tab is at the top of the page. 

Step 3. Click on either 2.4G Network or 5G Network

Select the network you want to update. Either the 2.4G or 5G in the left column. 

Step 4. Click on SSID Setup and update your network name

The SSID (Network Name) is the spot where you can update the name that is broadcast. This name will be seen by your friends and neighbors, so choose wisely! To update it, enter your new name in the ‘Rename SSID’ field and hit ‘apply’.

Step 5. Click 'Security" to update your password

Click the radio button next to Use Custom Security Key and enter the new password, then hit apply.


Pay Online: Through Smarthub

Pay through your SmartHub account or setup autopay in SmartHub.

Need To Set Up A New Account?

To get started, please create an account by visiting  and click on “New User.” You will need the following information to complete registration:

  • Billing Account Number
  • Last Name or Business Name on account
  • E-Mail Address

Already Have a SmartHub Account because you are a member YVEA?
Add your new account to your existing SmartHub account. Log into your current SmartHub account. Select the “My Profile” tab. Under my profile select, “Manage My Registered Accounts.” You will need your billing account number and Last Name or Business Name on your new account. Once this is entered it will ask you to re-enter your current password.  

Set Up Automated Payments

Automated payments can be set up through your SmartHub account at 

Pay In Person

Bring a check, debit card, cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) to our Steamboat office at 2201 Elk River Road (M-F / 7 AM – 4 PM) or our Craig office at 3715 US-40 (M-F / 7 AM – 3:30 PM). 

Local Payment Drop Locations

Drop your payment at any of our drop box locations: 

  • Craig City Market – in the YVEA box 
  • Hayden Mercantile – in the YVEA box 
  • Steamboat City Market – in the YVEA box 
  • Yampa Valley Electric drop box at either our Steamboat or Craig offices (24-hour access) 

Please note a $35.00 non-refundable return check fee will automatically be applied to any returned checks. 

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please call 970.870.4320

By Phone

Call our 24-hour payment line 970.871.2260 

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please give us a call at 970.870.4320.