Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Fiber to the home gives you the freedom to live anywhere without sacrificing access to ultra fast internet.

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There is no comparison on speed or price:



*and you will probably have data limits each month.



*on the days there is no interference.



*except your speeds can be slowed by your neighbor’s usage.


Luminate Fiber

No data limits; No interference; No worries if your neighbor is a gamer.

“By the way…the Customer Service office [is] AMAZING!!!!  I’ve been utterly impresseed with the entire Luminate Experience and Customer Service.”

Emily W, Clark, CO

“I love Luminate Broadband!  Have been very happy with them!”

Becky F, Craig, CO

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Service for Your Home

We provide enough bandwidth to cover all your devices. Say goodbye to buffering and kicking everyone off the internet so you can stream your favorite show.

An Open Laptop with Graphs Displayed on the Screen

Service for Your Business

Your business needs high speed internet now and in the future. With up to 1 Gbps download and upload, we bring you the internet connectivity and speeds your client’s expect.