How Does Fiber Internet Perform Differently?

How is fiber internet different

Welcome to another installment of the Luminate Blog! Here at Luminate, we believe in education, information, and hometown service surrounding all things fiber internet.

Today we wanted to discuss how fiber internet performs differently. With Luminate, there is a real difference in the connectivity we provide to our communities.

Reliability is the cornerstone of Luminate's service! It is paramount that we provide reliable connections to the communities we serve. A reliable internet connection means the ability to do business, schoolwork, and all kinds of fun activities. It also means doing those things at fiber-fast speeds. Fiber internet can provide speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) or higher, which is many times faster than the maximum speeds of DSL or cable internet. This means that fiber internet users can download and upload data much more quickly, stream high-quality video without buffering, and enjoy online gaming with minimal lag. With fiber internet, you pay for the speed you get, regardless of how many people are using the network or how far away you are from the internet service provider's (ISP) equipment. The reliability of fiber also means you're less likely to experience slowdowns or interruptions during peak usage times or bad weather.

Compared to traditional copper-based connections used in cable and DSL internet, fiber internet offers several performance benefits:

  • Lower latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to travel between your device and the internet. Fiber internet typically has lower latency than cable or DSL internet which means a more responsive and smoother online experience.
  • Symmetrical speeds: Fiber internet offers symmetrical speeds, meaning the download and upload speeds are the same. This is important because fast upload speeds are just as important as fast download speeds for clear video calls, no buffering on live streams, and fast cloud-based backups or cameras.
  • Peak times: During peak times, such as in the evenings when many people are streaming videos or playing online games, the demand for internet bandwidth is higher. If the network is unable to handle the increased demand, it can result in slower internet speeds, buffering, or even connection drops. With fiber internet, the risk of slow speeds during peak times is lower than with other internet connection types, such as cable or DSL. This is because fiber optic cables have a larger bandwidth capacity, which means they can handle more data simultaneously. Additionally, fiber internet is typically more reliable and less prone to congestion during peak usage times.

Affordable fiber internet is always an essential part of the conversation! At Luminate, we strive to provide affordable, reliable internet that anyone in the communities we serve can access. Luminate even participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to make our services even more accessible. For more information on our pricing and packages, please visit our Luminate Pricing Page.

Luminate is your local fiber internet service provider. We understand the uniqueness and challenges of living in the Yampa Valley. We live here too! Luminate has created a fiber network to serve and meet the unique requirements of rugged mountain living. At Luminate, you can speak to a local representative that is familiar with the area and our community needs. Whatever you want to do online — video chats, gaming, conference calls, uploading photos, or downloading movies; Luminate Broadband will make it happen! With our gig speed and fiber internet, you'll enjoy the fastest, most secure connectivity 24/7. Contact us today!