It’s Finally Time For Fiber Internet Drops

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It’s Finally Time For Fiber Internet Drops

The snow is melting, the ground is thawing, it’s time to install lightning-fast internet

It’s May, which means that the snow is melting, the ground is thawing, and we can finally start digging below the surface again. We know that some have been waiting all winter long to access lightning-fast internet, but Mother Nature keeps us from creating new fiber networks during the winter. Here’s why:

When We Can Dig

Before we can install lightning-fast internet to your home, we need to lay the groundwork for a fiber connection. This means we need to dig into the ground. Once a fiber network has been designed, a team needs to dig and trench to lay any below-ground fiber-optic cables. Since the ground is frozen in the winter and moisture can damage the cables, our crews are unable to dig in the winter or during weather events.

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What We Need to Do Before We Dig

There are also steps we need to take before digging into the ground. Like you, we need to locate utilities before we can start digging. A utility locate is a process where a representative visits the site and marks the utility lines that run below the ground. Utility locates identify lines such as gas, water, sewer, irrigation, and alarm system lines. Like fiber optic cables, many lines lie fairly close to the surface. Digging into these lines could disrupt service or be incredibly dangerous. 

Once the weather clears and utility lines have been located, our crews will come to dig bores, install splice boxes, or pull fiber optic cables to get you and your neighborhood set up with fiber.

Learn more about utility locates

How Will I Know About Luminate Drops in My Neighborhood?

Luminate is rolling out fiber internet networks by zones. When service becomes available in your area, you’ll receive notification through emails, phone calls, flyers and door hangers when drops are available in your area. Learn more about making the switch to Luminate Broadband.

Luminate Broadband is the only 100% end-to-end fiber network in Steamboat, Craig, and Hayden. This means we don’t rely on a cable network at all (like some other service providers), so our internet service is faster and more reliable than the rest.

We promise the wait is worth it. 

If you live in Craig, Hayden, or Steamboat, this spring is the time to install fiber internet at your home.

Stop by our offices in Craig, 3715 US Hwy 40, Craig, CO 81625, or Steamboat, 2211 Elk River Road, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487, call +1 970 870 4320, or visit to learn more about getting set up with the fastest, most reliable internet service in the valley.


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