How to Make the Switch to Luminate Broadband’s Lightning- Fast Fiber Internet

How to Make the Switch to Luminate Broadband's Lightning-Fast Fiber Internet 

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Are you fed up with the buffering and slow loading times of your current internet provider? Have you been hearing all of the local chatter about the benefits of fiber internet? It's faster! More reliable! More secure! Affordable! Run by members of your community! Maybe it’s time to make the switch.

No matter your reason for wanting better internet service, making the switch to Luminate's lightning-fast fiber network is super simple. All you need to do is make a call or click a link, and we'll do the rest. 

Here's a step-by-step guide for how to make the switch to the fastest, most reliable internet around

Step 1: Check Your Current Contract Check your current Wi-Fi contract to make sure you won't get hit with any early termination fees. Note: Even if you are stuck in a contract, you can still make your home fiber-ready now and turn on service when you're ready. This is a good option if, say, we're already in the neighborhood setting up our fiber network for your neighbors. If your home had Luminate in the past, we will only need to connect your equipment to our fiber network. 

Step 2: Call Luminate Once you're ready to set up a fiber drop, call 970-870-4320 or head to to sign up for the package that's right for you. A local service representative may need to call you to finalize the process. 

Step 3: Review the Installation Process Once your sign-up is complete, we'll send you an email that reviews what your fiber broadband installation will look like from beginning to end. It's a thorough setup process, but it's so worth it for how fast and reliable your internet will be when we're done. 

Step 4: Make the Drop A contractor will call you to schedule a drop at your house. You don't have to be there for this, as they'll be reviewing anything outside the house that will impact installation, such as underground energy lines, water lines, and sprinkler systems. They’ll set up all of the outdoor equipment you need to get connected to our fiber network during this visit.

Step 5: Schedule Installation Once the drop has been made at your house, you'll receive a call to schedule your installation. You'll also receive email reminders about your appointment, as you'll need to be home for this one.  

Step 6: Installation During this visit the service provider will link your in-home equipment to Luminate’s fiber network. Once installation is complete, they will go over the MyLuminate app to help you set up your account and passwords. They'll also help you review your devices and any mesh units you may need. 

Step 7: Support Luminate has local customer support available to help you with any of your installation or internet service needs. Call us at 970-870-4320.

Whether you need connectivity for working, gaming, streaming, chatting or surfing, Luminate's fiber broadband offers the fastest, most reliable connection in the area. Don't let your home get left in the dust. Make the switch today.