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It’s Finally Time For Fiber Internet Drops

By Sean / April 29, 2024 /

It’s Finally Time For Fiber Internet Drops The snow is melting, the ground is thawing, it’s time to install lightning-fast internet It’s May, which means that the snow is melting, the ground is thawing, and we can finally start digging below the surface again. We know that some have been waiting all winter long to…

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Spring Burn

Spring Burn Safety Tips for Luminate Broadband Members

By Sean / April 5, 2024 /

Spring is here, which means it’s almost spring burn season. Don’t let your spring debris burn turn into a disaster by following these safety tips.  What do spring burns have to do with my internet service anyway? Before we dig into the top safety tips for spring burns, you may be wondering how spring burns…

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Luminate vs Spectrum

Luminate vs. Spectrum: Which Internet Service is Better in Craig and Steamboat?

By Sean / April 5, 2024 /

Choosing the right internet service provider can be daunting; you want to make sure that you install internet that supports everything you want to do, from streaming to working and gaming and that is reliable. When doing your research you might have run up against a lot of promotions and promises and not a lot…

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Utility locate

What is a Utility Locate?

By Sean / February 26, 2024 /

To install a fiber network in your neighborhood, we need to dig into the ground. However, we can’t just start digging because other utility lines run beneath the surface. Digging into these lines can be dangerous and disruptive, so we want to make sure we do our due diligence before starting to build your fiber…

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