How is Fiber Internet Installed?

Fiber Internet Buildout

Slow and steady wins the race. The race to get lightning-fast internet speeds that is. With its reliable connectivity, enhanced security, and greater bandwidth for all your work, streaming, video conferencing, and web surfing needs, fiber internet is the best option if you live in the Yampa Valley. Installing fiber networks can be a complicated process, but that’s not for you to worry about, our expert technicians are pros at getting fiber-fast broadband to hard-to-reach places. 

Fiber internet is installed a little bit differently than cable or DSL internet. Here’s what that looks like:

At Luminate Broadband, we use a 4-step installation process to deliver dependable service to your home. We are the only company in the area to provide an end-to-end fiber network. 

Fiber inernet Installation 1-Design


Step 1: Design 

We deliver a high-speed fiber connection directly to your door, even if your house is way out of town. That means before installation, we design a unique pathway for miles of cable from our network to your community. Our experienced technicians create a detailed map that carefully avoids sewer lines, pipelines, existing cable lines, and other obstacles. They also consider factors such as soil density and root systems where we plan to dig. This might sound like a lot, but we promise the end result is worth it. 

Fiber Internet Construction

Step 2: Construction

We're experts in delivering dependable internet and phone services to hard-to-reach places. Once your fiber network has been designed, our construction team gets to work building a network that will bring you speedy, dependable internet service. This involves trenching, digging, climbing, or drilling to lay or hang the cables. Aside from the obstacles laid out during the design process, our dedicated team also needs to work around weather events to install your fiber network. Moisture can damage the fiber cables, so our team must work on clear days. Also, we avoid digging in the winter with snow-covered ground. No matter the circumstances, our local installation team works to get you a dependable connection as quickly as possible.

Fiber inernet Home installation

Step 3: Install to Home

Once your cable network is laid, our technicians connect your fiber optic cables to a modem or gateway that can convert the light signals into digital data that can be used by your devices. This connection may require additional equipment or modifications but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Everything you need will be included in your fiber package.  

local internet tech support

Step 4: Local Tech Support

Once you’re set up your fiber network will be more reliable than any DSL or cable connection you’ve ever had. Plus, you’ll have access to local tech support whenever you need it. Call us with all your service needs: (970) 870-4320 - you might even end up speaking with someone you know. 

Though the installation of fiber optic internet requires specialized equipment, technical knowledge, and a bit more time, the quality of the internet service we provide is going to blow your mind. 

Once you decide that fiber broadband is for you (and it probably is, there are seriously so many benefits), give us a call at (970) 870-4320 or email us at to register. You could also stop by our local offices in Craig and Steamboat and register in person. Luminate services all of the Yampa Valley.


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