How Fast is Lightning-Fast?

lightning fast internet

When we say our internet is lightning-fast, we mean it. Fiber internet can handle more data and more devices at higher upload and download speeds than any cable, DSL or wireless network. The benefits of fiber internet are especially important out here in the Yampa Valley, where traditional connections are notoriously unreliable. Members of your local community created Luminate Broadband to cater to the unique needs of our town and one of those needs is better internet service.

Here’s what sets Luminate apart from other internet providers:

Symmetrical Speeds

- Luminate Broadband’s fiber network allows for symmetrical speeds for uploading and downloading. If you work from home and attend a lot of video conferences, symmetrical speeds are essential for maintaining a smooth connection. 

Unlimited Uploading and Downloading 

- No matter which plans you choose on Luminate’s network, you’ll get access to unlimited uploading and downloading, meaning you can watch, play, work, and scroll as much as you want.

Multiple Devices

- Our network allows multiple devices to connect, stream and play at the same time. This means your whole family can use the network all at once without service interruptions, no matter which plan you choose. The higher the speed capabilities, the more you and your family or co-workers will be able to do on each device.

No Buffering 

- Stream all your favorite shows, and attend all your favorite work meetings (wink, wink) without buffering or connection drops.

Local support

- If something does happen to your internet connection, you can rest assured that your call will be answered by a member of your local community who is dedicated to solving issues quickly (because service is probably out at their house too).

While all of our plans provide uninterrupted streaming, playing, and downloading our faster plans allow larger uploads and downloads at even higher speeds. Here’s a breakdown of what all of Luminate Broadband’s plans look like:

Mountain Essential

- This plan allows for all of the most basic activities on the internet for multiple household users. With upload and download speeds of 100 megabits per second (Mbps), the Mountain Essential plan allows a whole family to stream, surf or work at the same time.

Yampa Streaming

- If you and other people in your household spend a lot of time streaming, gaming, or video conferencing, the Yampa Streaming plan might be the best choice. This plan allows for greater uploading and downloading speeds at 250 Mbps.

Valley Extreme

- Our top-tier plan allows for uploads and downloads up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps); this is the highest speed available for home internet services and is only available on fiber networks. With 1Gbps uploading and downloading, you can use dozens of devices, download huge files quickly and stream at the very highest speeds.


Our internet connection really is the fastest out there; it is without a doubt fast enough to handle all of your streaming, gaming, and working needs.

These lightning-fast speeds are available through Craig, Clark, Hayden, parts of Steamboat Springs, and soon in South Routt (including Yampa, Phippsburg, and Oak Creek!); call us or visit to sign up today.