Fiber-Enabled Smart Homes: Strengthen Your Home Security System with Fiber Broadband

Fiber for security

In 2021, there were approximately 620,000 burglaries in the United States. People across the nation have installed security systems in their homes to protect themselves from becoming one of these statistics. Setting your home up with fiber internet can help make your security system stronger; here’s how:

First, let’s review the benefits of fiber internet that make it great not only for security systems but for other activities upon which reliability is vital.

Here’s how your fiber connection can enable a smart home:

  • Fast speeds -

    With speeds up to 1GB, Luminate allows you to make the connection faster—no waiting for your security videos to load or your lighting app to connect. 

  • Reliable service -

    Fiber networks lose service less frequently than any other network. If you’re counting on Wi-Fi to check in on your security system, you’ll want the most reliable connection available.

  • Symmetrical speeds

    - Luminate’s fiber broadband offers symmetrical speeds, which means you can upload and download high-quality video to check in on your property while you’re out. 

fiber internet for a smart home


Here’s how all of the benefits of fiber internet translate into creating a more reliable security system:


Security Cameras

A fast, reliable fiber internet connection will ensure you can check in on your home in real time. If you get an alert from your security system, you don’t want to wait a second for those videos to load.


Security Alarms

Some security systems have a backup plan if your Wi-Fi goes out, but not all of them. If you want your security system to alert you to a break-in, doesn’t it make sense to have the most reliable internet connection? Fiber broadband internet drops service much less than cable or wireless networks.


Lock and Unlock Doors 

Have you ever forgotten to lock the doors when you left for vacation? You can now purchase locks that you can lock and unlock remotely via Wi-Fi. A reliable Wi-Fi connection allows you the security of being able to lock your doors anytime, from anywhere.


App-Controlled Lighting

Some people like to leave their lights on when they leave for the holidays to scare away burglars, but this can drive up your electricity bill. Setting up a smart light system that operates on a strong fiber connection allows you to turn on and off lights when you please, giving you peace of mind. Smart lighting also saves you money on your electricity bill. 


Security Camera Hacking

With security system videos, there is some concern about getting hacked. A fiber broadband connection makes this less likely as fiber networks are more secure and much more challenging to hack than cable networks.


Running your security system on the most reliable internet connection is the smart thing to do if you want to feel like your home is safe while you’re away. While things can always happen, setting your security system up with remote access that runs on fiber broadband is the best way to protect your home.


Luminate’s fast, reliable, and secure fiber network will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. 


Visit Luminate today to learn more about setting up fiber broadband at your home.