Fiber-Enabled Smart Homes: The Coolest Connected Gadgets You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

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The Latest and Greatest Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Homes are the future. You can already control Wi-Fi-connected light switches, outlets, thermostats, cooking appliances, security systems, and more from your smartphone anywhere, anytime. However, connecting all of these appliances takes up a lot of bandwidth, which might make your internet slower if you’re using a cable or DSL network.

A fiber broadband network gives you fast upload and download speeds for uninterrupted video capabilities like security systems, the bandwidth to run multiple smart home devices (plus stream, work, and game at the same time), and reliability to run all your home appliances without worry of the connection dropping. Not only is Luminate’s fiber broadband fast and affordable, setting up your home on smart devices will also save you money on your electricity bill — win-win!

We wrote a whole post about all of the ways connected homes can make your life easier. Once you have all the smart home basics, you can start checking out the latest and greatest gadgets in-home connectivity. From health insights to observing nature and cooking the perfect dinner, these gadgets are the most innovative in smart home connectivity.

The Coolest Gadgets in Home Connectivity Right Now

Track Your Health Through Your Toilet

Soon, you’ll be able to access important information about your health from the comfort of your home bathroom. U-Scan allows you to monitor your health by scanning your urine inside the toilet bowl. It’s just like doing a urinalysis at the doctor but from the privacy of your own toilet. U-Scan will give you important nutrition, hydration, and metabolic and menstrual health data. 

Check Meat Temperature from Your Phone

You can now cook your meals to the perfect temperature without having to open the oven. The Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer delivers estimated cook times and real-time temperature info to your phone or Apple watch to make sure your dinner is cooked to perfection. 

Digitize Notes from Your Home Office

Moleskine now has a notebook that will digitize your notes instantaneously. If you’re still into writing handwritten notes at work but want to be able to keep a record of them without stacking up paper, make this set your next connectivity purchase. 

Birdwatch on Your Back Porch — From Anywhere!

There are smart bird feeders that use motion sensors to notify you of activity on your feeder. Now you can keep an eye on all of the local bird species, even while you’re on vacation!

Temperature Control Smart Mugs

Do you pour yourself a cup of coffee and then forget about it as the morning chaos ensues? There are now temperature-controlled smart mugs that will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature all day long. 

These are just a few of the smart home innovations that have been released recently, and there are still so many more to come. Setting up your home with lightning-fast fiber broadband will make sure your home is ready to handle the next biggest, best innovations in the years to come. 

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