The Ins and Outs of Internet Upload and Download Speeds

Download Speed

Internet communicates via data. Images are data, text files are data, and videos are lots and lots of data. In order to access this data, you need to upload and download it from your devices or from the cloud. Wanna do that without headache? Then you better choose an internet provider that offers fast download and upload speeds (we happen to know a good one).

Download Speed

Download speed is the rate at which you are able to pull data, like images, files, and videos, from the internet. Download speeds are prioritized with most internet service providers (but not Luminate!). 

Some examples of activities affected by download speeds include:


Streaming your favorite shows and the latest hit movies on all of the streaming platforms downloads a lot of data. Speed is super important in this instance. When data downloads slow down, you’ll start to see buffering and delays.


Gaming is one of the most data-intensive activities you can do online. Fast download speeds ensure uninterrupted play until your mom turns your device off for dinner.

Downloading Files

 Whether you’re saving images to your phone or printing important research documents to pdf onto your computer, quick downloads help you work and play more efficiently.


When you’re flipping through the internet for work or fun, your browser is downloading images for you to see. The faster this happens, the better the experience. 

Upload speed

Upload Speed

Upload speed affects everything you send from your device to the internet. With most internet providers, upload speed is slower than download speed. However, with the popularity of social media and working from home, upload speed is becoming increasingly important. 

Video Conferencing

 Video conferencing might be the best example of the importance of a lightning-fast upload connection. Nobody wants their video to get dropped in the middle of a big meeting. 

Social Media Sharing 

If you wait too long to upload that TikTok video, the trend might be over already.


The faster your upload speed the more certain you can feel that you're protecting your important data. 

Symmetrical Speeds

One of the premium features of Luminate’s fiber broadband internet service is symmetrical speed. What that means is that you can upload and download data at the same rate. Symmetrical speeds are essential for maintaining a smooth connection, especially if you’re doing a lot of streaming, video conferencing, or gaming. Not only that, but Luminate provides unlimited uploading and downloading with all of our plans. 

These lightning-fast speeds are available through Craig, Clark, Hayden, parts of Steamboat Springs, and South Routt (including Yampa, Phippsburg, and Oak Creek!); call us at 970-870-4320 or visit to sign up today.