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Rural Cell Service is the Pits! It’s Time to Get VoIP

If you live in a rural area, you’re familiar with dropped calls, no service areas, and bad connections. Rural areas have spotty cell service because they don’t have as many towers as urban areas or the current generation cell connectivity. Your cell service might even be blocked by the mountains to our east. So, while your friends in Denver are calling you over their fancy 5G network, you might get stuck with slow-going 3G that drops on every other dip in the road, if you get service at all. 

You may have accepted terrible cell phone service as a fact of life out here. But it doesn’t have to be like this; you can have strong phone service no matter how far out you live. All you need to do is set up VoIP.

What is VoIP anyway?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, which is a fancy way of saying we’re offering you a way to place phone calls from your phone over our fast, reliable fiber connection. VoIP services convert your voice into digital data that travels along our lightning-fast broadband network.

Why is VoIP stronger?

You’ve heard us scream it from the rooftops: fiber broadband connections are faster, more reliable, and offer more bandwidth and symmetrical speeds. All of this translates into clear, crisp phone calls without lag, static, or dropping.

Why is VoIP better than a home phone?

By adding VoIP to your broadband package, you’re saving yourself from paying two monthly bills. Plus, the quality of VoIP is far better than your home phone because your calls are being sent over a lightning-fast internet network, not an old-school telephone line. Fiber connectivity is the future of internet and phone service out in our neck of the woods.

why is VoIP better

Here are some more reasons that Luminate’s VoIP is better:

  • Easy installation - If you already have Luminate fiber broadband, setting up VoIP is as easy as pie. You don’t even have to buy a new phone; all you need to turn your current phone into a VoIP phone is a simple adapter.
  • Cheaper long-distance and international calling - Since your phone calls go through the Internet, long-distance rates are much lower than you’re paying with your current home phone. 
  • No need to change your number - VoIP numbers are virtual, so you can keep your old number no matter where you live now.
  • Premium digital features - Luminate’s VoIP services come equipped with call waiting, voicemails by email, and call forwarding, which is easy to manage online or with one of our local customer service representatives. 
  • You can use your cell phone Luminate VoIP! - If your cell phone is connected to your fiber broadband network, you can use your cell phone to place internet calls.

You don’t need to suffer through terrible cell phone service any longer. Stop by our offices in Craig or Steamboat or call 970-870-4320 to learn more about setting up VoIP in your neck of the woods.