The Lowdown on Data Caps

Data Caps

What is a Data Cap?

What is a data cap? Data caps are limits that internet providers place on data usage. That means you can only stream, game or download / upload so much data per month before your internet either stops, you get charged an overage fee, or your internet slows. They often tie them into a lower-priced plan, which sounds nice, until the overage charges start rolling in.

How Much Data Do I Use?

Gaming, HD streaming and video conferencing tend to use the most data. If you do these things frequently, it is in your best interest to go with an internet company that does not implement data caps. A Zoom call uses up to 810 MB of data per hour, streaming a 1.5-hour movie uses about 3 GB, and playing Fortnite uses about 100 MB of data per hour.


Is all of this confusing? Learn more about bits and bytes here. 

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Does Luminate Broadband Have Data Caps?

Absolutely not! Luminate Broadband offers unlimited data, meaning you can work, stream, game, and video chat to your heart’s desire. 

Data Caps and the Competition

Some of our competitors, however, do implement data caps. Here are just a few examples of how internet companies are keeping tabs on your data

  • Xfinity internet plans cap their data usage at 1.2 terabytes per month. 
  • While Spectrum does not have data caps now, they are no longer required by the FCC to refrain from implementing them. They could re-implement data caps at any time. 
  • ViaSat offers only 300 GB of high-speed data per month with their most premium plan. After customers reach their threshold, their service shifts to standard data, which is much slower. 
competitor data caps

Some internet providers claim data caps are necessary to provide consistent, reliable service. Our fiber broadband network can handle more bandwidth and faster speeds, delivering you the most reliable service in the valley — no buffering, no dropped service, and absolutely no limit on data. 

If you don’t want your internet company controlling your data usage, stop by Luminate’s offices in Craig or Steamboat or call 970-870-4320 to learn more about setting up VoIP in your neck of the woods.


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