Fiber Internet in Your Area

Fiber in your Area

The Goals of Building Out Fiber Networks by Zone

Have you noticed that Luminate installs our fiber network by neighborhood? While we know everyone is anxious to get access to fiber internet (we get it, fiber is the fastest, most reliable internet service around), we install fiber networks neighborhood by neighborhood to make the process better for everybody.

A lot goes into building fiber networks, especially if your neighborhood is on the outskirts of town. Here’s why our zone-based approach makes this process easier:

Fiber in your area_Goals

Efficient Fiber Broadband Installation

Our zone-specific campaigns make fiber installation more efficient. When we build by zone, we get the most installations completed as quickly as possible. Building out networks by zone allows us to focus all of our manpower on getting a neighborhood set up with fiber or fiber-ready (so when households are ready to make the switch, they can).

Fun fact: Did you know that having fiber connectivity can increase the value of your home? According to The Fiber Broadband Association, fiber connectivity can increase the value of a single-family home by up to 4.9%.

Get Fiber Connectivity at the Same Time as Your Neighbors

There’s no keeping up with the Smiths when it comes to Luminate Broadband installation. When fiber comes to your area, everyone in the neighborhood can join in on the fun. With zone-specific campaigns, no households get left behind with slow, spotty internet connection.

Cost-Effective Fiber Broadband Installation

By building out fiber networks neighborhood by neighborhood, we can focus all of our resources on one area at a time. This approach saves Luminate money on construction costs, which ultimately get passed along to customers as reasonable installation fees and monthly rates.

Better Service

Getting fiber in your area means that you will also be getting better customer service. Before we decide to launch in an area, we do a ton of market research to understand where demand is and what people in that neighborhood are looking for from an internet service provider. When we better understand what you need, we are better able to provide personalized service.

When Luminate Broadband comes to your neighborhood, you can be sure that the build-out is the most efficient, cost-effective way to connect you and your community to the fastest, most reliable internet in town. Have questions about when we’ll be in your area? Stop by one of our offices in Craig or Steamboat, call (970) 870-4320, or email us at for more information.


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