How Fiber Internet Makes Smart Homes Work Better

fiber for smart homes

Boosting Smart Home Performance with Fiber Internet

Let’s say you’re out of town on a beach vacation, and you suddenly get an alert that the temperature is going to dip unexpectedly below freezing (hello, Colorado weather). Wouldn’t it be great if you could log in to an app and increase the heat in your home so the pipes don’t freeze, avoiding an expensive mess when you return?

With smart home technology, you can! These days, technology allows almost anything to be connected through a Wi-Fi connection and managed remotely through an app. However, if everything in your home is hooked up to the network, you need fast, reliable internet with plenty of bandwidth. That’s where fiber broadband shines. Luminate’s lightning-fast fiber internet offers unlimited, symmetrical downloads and uploads and speeds of up to 1GB, making it the fastest and most reliable internet connection around. 

Here’s how your fiber connection can enable a smart home:

Fast speeds - With speeds up to 1GB, Luminate allows you to make the connection faster—no waiting for your security videos to load or your thermostat app to connect. 

Reliable service - Fiber networks lose service less frequently than any other kind of network. If you’re counting on Wi-Fi to manage all of the appliances in your home, doesn’t it make sense to go with the most reliable service around? 

More bandwidth - If everything in your home is hooked up to the same Wi-Fi connection, you need enhanced bandwidth to run everything at once. Fiber’s bandwidth is much greater than cable or wireless.

fiber for smart homes

Here are the types of appliances that you can link up to your fiber-connected smart home:

Lights - Smart light services allow you to turn lights on and off without even having to get out of bed. 

Thermostat - Manage the temperature of your home or office from your phone. Whether you’re away on vacation or just don’t want to get off the couch, controlling your smart thermostat is easier with a strong connection. 

TVs - Streaming is all the rage these days, and a solid Wi-Fi connection is required to stream all of your favorite shows, especially if everyone in the house wants to do so on different apps and devices

Security System + locks - With a strong Wi-Fi connection and state-of-the-art security systems, you can lock and unlock your doors, set alarms, and view and record live video of what is happening in your home and on your property while you’re out.

Remote sprinklers - With new technology and a superb Wi-Fi connection, you can now manage the timing of your watering and irrigation from anywhere.

Video conferencing + exercise streaming - Luminate’s fiber Wi-Fi plans give you access to unlimited and stable video conferencing and exercise streaming, so you don’t have to leave your house to attend a meeting or get in an early morning workout. 

Other appliances - Air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and instant pots that you can control remotely through Wi-Fi connectivity are already a thing, and this trend will undoubtedly continue to grow in the next few years. The more bandwidth your Wi-Fi connection has, the easier it will be to manage every component of your home. 

fiber and smart appliances


All of these remote capabilities are part of what’s called the Internet of Things or IoT, which is paving the way to being more connected in ways that improve day-to-day life. The Internet of things is only going to expand and become more interconnected as we head into the future. Setting your home up with fiber broadband ensures that you’ll be ready for the ease of a connected home. 

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