The Best Devices for All Your Streaming Needs

streaming devices

There are so many ways to stream content it might make your head spin. The truth is that unless you're trying to work some sort of streaming wizardry, many of the streaming devices have pretty similar capabilities, so it's hard to make a bad decision. In case you want to dive a bit deeper, here's an overview of the many different streaming devices out there. 

Right now, the highest definition streaming device option is a 4K streaming device. What does that mean? It means that the video resolution is 3,840 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels tall. It's the highest definition video available on the market right now, so when paired with Luminate's lightning-fast internet, you can impress your friends with a super crisp, buffer-free movie night. 

What do all of those internet abbreviations even mean anyway? We break it down here.


The Best Streaming Devices

Several streaming devices will help you watch high-quality videos. Many have similar capabilities, though the Amazon, Apple, and Google streaming devices are tailored more for those brands' content. So Amazon will be optimized for Prime video, Apple TV for Apple TV+, and Google for YouTube, but they'll still allow you to watch the other stuff, too. The NVIDIA SHIELD offers up gaming and advanced capabilities, but its price also reflects these premium features. 

Here are the top options for streaming devices right now:

streaming devices

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Chromecast with Google TV

Apple TV 4K


Streaming on Smart TVs

Don't want a box at all? Many smart TVs offer streaming capabilities without having to install a separate box. However, the streaming devices listed above tend to be more reliable. You can also stream directly from your laptop or your smartphone to a smart TV through functions like AirPlay and Smart View, but this probably isn't the best set up if you like to scroll social media or work on your laptop while watching.

Streaming on Gaming Consoles

If you're a gamer, you might not want to have to buy another box to connect to your TV. The good news is that some gaming consoles, like Xbox and Playstation, also let you stream your favorite shows and movies. In this case, the streaming functionalities are kind of an afterthought, and the device will work that way, but it will still get the job done. 

There are so many devices out there that allow for easy streaming that you almost can't go wrong. We recommend selecting the device that's easiest and most convenient for you. When it comes to streaming, the more important thing is that your internet connection is fast enough to stream continuously without buffering. That's why Luminate's fiber-fast internet is so desirable; any level plan will allow your household to stream on multiple devices without buffering or freezing. Learn more at