Router 101

Router 101

What is a Router?

First things first, what even is a router other than one of the boxes that are used to set up your internet? A router is a device that connects the internet from your modem to your devices. 

What is the Difference Between a Router and a Modem?

A modem is a device that connects the internet from your service provider to your home or office (in Luminate’s case, your modem is connected to our fiber network). A router connects the modem to your devices through wireless radio waves or a cable. If you only have one device to connect to the internet, you could technically run a cable from your device directly to the modem, but this is not a secure way to use the internet. Plus, most people want to be able to connect multiple devices anyway. 

Now that you know what your router does, here are all of the features that make a high-quality router:

What are the Features of a High-Quality Wi-Fi Router?

Having a great Wi-Fi router is an important part of making your internet connection consistent and reliable. And it is an absolute must for working from home

There are also a lot of features that determine whether a router can handle a high-speed fiber connection like Luminate’s. Here’s what we took into consideration when selecting a dependable router for our customers:

  • Bandwidth - Routers need to be able to handle high-speed fiber broadband data a.k.a. lots of Mbps.
  • Bands - Dual and triple band routers allow you to access a connection on two — and now three — different radio frequencies. 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz.
  • Network Size - How large is the area where you need service? Do you need to connect devices from two far-off places in your home? Are there heavy walls dividing these areas? Some routers are built better than others for connecting to multiple areas in your home.
  • Security - Most routers come with a good level of security built-in, and fiber networks are already the most secure connection out there, but some routers have additional security features.

Features of Your Luminate-Provided Router:

  • Wireless Routers - Most home Wi-Fi routers are wireless routers, meaning they connect to your devices through radio frequencies. 
  • Wi-Fi 6 - You might have heard this term, but what exactly is Wi-Fi 6? Sort of like 5G for wireless networks, Wi-Fi 6 is the latest and greatest technology for your home internet network. Routers that are in the Wi-Fi 6 generation offer faster internet service for more devices on the 6 GHz frequency.
Luminates Router

Other Types of Routers 

  • Mesh Routers - Mesh routers allow you to connect multiple routers throughout the service area to ensure strong service to devices all over your home or office. Mesh routers are ideal for larger homes and for connecting detached offices or outdoor workspaces. Sometimes your Luminate installation expert will recommend setting up a mesh system in your home. 
  • Wired Routers - Wired routers are pretty rare these days, but their direct and physical connection to devices ensure a strong and undisturbed stream of data. The main downside of wired routers is that each device must be connected to a router through a physical cable.
  • Edge Routers - These routers are specialized routers that communicate both with local devices and with other edge routers of different networks. 
  • Gaming Routers - Gaming routers are optimized for the increased bandwidth needs of gamers. 
  • VPN Routers - These routers allow people to funnel data through an encrypted channel so that information is less likely to be hacked. 

Which Router Does Luminate Provide?

At Luminate, our customers use The GigaSpire BLAST u6.1, a Wi-Fi 6 compatible router that accommodates multiple users and devices, and allows Luminate to extend your network within your home or office. This router is ideal for transmitting high-speed fiber broadband data, IP video, and voice services. If you need more assistance with your router, don’t hesitate to call Luminate’s broadband experts at (970) 870-4320. 


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