Is There Really a Difference between Fiber Internet and DSL or Cable?

Fiber vs Cable Vs DSL

Heck yes, there is! Fiber internet is broadband connectivity that is fiber-fast! Fiber internet uses light to optimize connectivity and user experience. Light, you say? Yes! Fiber optic technology transports data at approximately 70% of the speed of light. This speed reduces lag and the buffering wheel of doom.

Today we are going to take a deeper dive into what the fiber-fast difference really is. Let’s start with what fiber-optic cable is.

Fiber-optic cables are made up of tiny strands of glass that use light to carry digital information over long distances at incredibly high speeds. Light moves and reflects along the bends and curves in the optical cable. The light transmits information through encoded light signals, or binary. This light is then decoded to present the end user information (images, text, sounds, etc.). This transmission method is highly efficient for data transport. Fiber-optic cables help to maximize the consistency of speed, data, and backhaul over the likes of their predecessors — like copper-based internet connections such as DSL or cable.

What are the advantages of fiber internet and what does that mean to folks in the Yampa Valley?

Fiber is faster, more reliable, and more consistent. Fiber is capable of symmetric speeds, meaning you can upload data at the same speed you download it. This is a big deal for transporting data like high-resolution video, gaming, and streaming. Symmetric speeds will only become more critical as businesses move more information to cloud-based systems. Fiber is also not vulnerable to interference from radio frequency and electric energy, making it a much more reliable form of connectivity. Fiber internet speed, unlike copper-based internet connections, does not degrade over longer distances. Fiber also has a higher bandwidth capacity compared to cable or DSL internet, which means it can handle multiple devices and heavy usage without slowing down or affecting internet speeds. Your family can enjoy work and play with consistent, reliable connectivity that we all need to thrive in the Yampa Valley. Fiber internet means a better connection for businesses, schools, and even things like telemedicine.

This chart shows common file sizes and the time it takes to download them. There really is a fiber-fast difference!

Internet speed chart

Although fiber internet is not available in all areas just yet, Luminate has a well-built footprint to support residents and businesses in the Yampa Valley. We want to show you the fiber-fast difference your home or business deserves. We're committed to providing our communities with the best possible internet experience. Contact us today to learn more about our fiber internet services and how we can help you stay connected. Luminate is excited to be your guide to the world of fiber internet!