Why Fiber?

Because it changes everything.

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Video Chat

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Smart Home

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Lightning Fast Uploads & Downloads

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Unlimited Data

Speed- Fiber speeds far exceed current DSL or cable modem speeds (https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/getting-broadband-qa)

Symmetrical Speed – Not only is fiber the fastest internet connection available, but it also offers the capacity to have symmetrical upload and download speeds.  Uploading large video, picture or data files will be significantly faster with a fiber internet connection.

Future Ready – Fiber internet uses light instead of electricity to transmit data resulting in greater capacity and transmission over longer distances without degradation.  Internet access over fiber-optic cables is the best way to be prepared for increased future technological requirements.

Reliability – There is no performance loss on fiber internet due to weather conditions or electrical interference, and fiber-optic cable is stronger than copper cable.

Latency – Latency is the term used to describe the delay created when uploading or downloading data from the internet.  Fiber Internet greatly reduces latency issues encountered in other connection types.

Economic Development – Fiber internet is quickly becoming the backbone of society.  Businesses and work from home employees look for and migrate to communities with high-speed, reliable and affordable internet.

Security – The only way to penetrate fiber internet is to cut the fiber-optic cable causing the signal to disappear.

Higher Property Values – Fiber internet connection increases home values.