Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Luminate Broadband?

    Luminate Broadband is a subsidiary of Yampa Valley Electric Association (YVEA). YVEA recognized a need within their membership for high-speed, reliable internet service. Just like YVEA provided electricity to Northwest Colorado over 80 years, they have now taken on the challenge of providing high speed, fiber internet to our rural and underserved community.

    Luminate Broadband was formed by YVEA to make their membership needs a reality. Since 2019, Luminate has been providing the fastest, most reliable, and affordable fiber internet in the Yampa Valley. With speed packages ranging from 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, our local team is confident that a switch to Luminate will be the best internet decision you will ever make.

  • Why not fiber? It is faster, offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, holds up better to weather, is more reliable, future-ready, and more secure. That is just the beginning. We could go on and on about why our fiber network is superior to other types of internet connections, such as dial-up, DSL, cable, and satellite.

    1. Speed matters. With our fiber internet, your information will flow faster – up to 1,000x faster! That means more connections and less frustrations for you – always.
    2. Economic Development - Fiber internet is quickly becoming the backbone of society. Businesses and work from home employees look for and migrate to communities with high-speed, reliable, and affordable internet.
    3. Security - The only way to penetrate fiber internet is to cut the fiber optic cable, causing the signal to disappear. Since attempts to tap fiber cables will likely result in breaking the glass fibers, potential hacks can be quickly and easily discovered, which means less worrying for you!
    4. Future Ready - Your fiber connection is all your own. This means your fiber cables are ready as the technology world continues to grow.
    5. Reliability - Since fiber uses light instead of electricity, it is not bothered by electromagnetic interference - saving you headaches from your internet going in and out. Fiber is also immune to temperature changes, severe weather, and moisture, which can all hamper the connectivity of other internet services.

  • No. Just no. We don’t do teaser rates, data caps, throttling or any other shenanigans.

  • The Internet is a massive global communications network. As its name suggests, it's more than just one network. It's a series of thousands of inter-connected networks.

    While no one person or organization owns the Internet itself, each Internet service provider (ISP) typically owns its own network, like Luminate Broadband! It buys and installs the specialized networking equipment that makes it possible for customers like you to connect to the Internet.

    When you purchase monthly Internet services for your home, your ISP gives you all the physical equipment you need to connect your own devices to the Internet. This includes a physical line, such as a fiber optic cable, that will connect your home to the ISP's network. Inside your home, this physical line is connected to an electronic device that's called a modem.

  • With your modem providing the Internet connection into your home, you can now connect your device to the modem over Wi-Fi.

    Connecting to Wi-Fi involves connecting your computer, tablet, or smart phone to your ISP's network without using a physical wire. This "wireless" connection is made possible by Wi-Fi technology; specifically, by a second device in your home called a router.

    The Wi-Fi router uses radio technology to broadcast a unique name (also known as a service set identifier, or SSID), which you or your ISP chooses when the router is first set up. When you're on your laptop or other device, you can see a list of other Wi-Fi routers nearby such as yours and your neighbors'. You can select your router name from the list and enter the router's password. And just like that, you're connected to Wi­Fi.

  • Glad you asked. There is a $50 installation fee*, an $8.95 per month modem rental, and those pesky taxes and fees that we have to collect for various entities.

    Non-standard installs may incur additional charges. We also collect $150 when scheduling your install. $50 is for an equipment deposit and $100 will be credited to your first bill.

    *The $50 installation fee pertains to a standard installation.

  • We do not offer cable TV, however if you have a smart TV you can utilize your internet connection to stream live television. There are a variety of streaming services available for purchase and for free. Cell phone service is not available, but we are able to provide a landline or transfer over your current landline service.

  • If there is something we could have done better, please let us know. If it’s just a life event, you can request a disconnect. Either way, we hate to see you go and thank you for having been a Luminate customer! Please note that we require 30 days notice to disconnect.

  • We do! There is a Seasonal Rate change fee of $25 to move to the seasonal rate of $9.95 per month. A $25 fee will also be charged to go back to original speed and monthly charge amount. There is a 3 consecutive month minimum and a 12 consecutive month maximum to be on the seasonal rate. The seasonal rate stated above does not include equipment rentals or add on services.

  • It’s fast! With up to 1Gbps download AND upload, you can do everything you already do online, but a lot more of it – and faster! Online Gaming – No more game lag, slow ping rates or spotty connections. Streaming Video – Enjoy buffer-free streaming of your favorite shows, even when streaming multiple shows on multiple devices. Also, 4k streaming, which uses 4-5 times as much data as 1080p, will be just as fast. Data Backup – Because our network has symmetrical download and upload speeds, your data backups will be noticeably quicker. Multiple Users – Our network can handle (just about) as many simultaneous users as you can throw at it.

  • Great question. Slower than expected speeds can be caused by a lot of issues. How close are you to the router? Wi-Fi speeds degrade over distance. Speaking of Wi-Fi, you will not get your highest speeds unless you are plugged directly into the router via an ethernet cable. How old are your devices, like your laptop, cell phone, etc? Most older (and some newer) devices are not capable of testing at 1 Gbps speeds.

  • We are continually building out our network and we are currently installing service for new customers. You may search your address to see if we are currently servicing your property or you can always contact us. The process is pretty simple. Once determined that we can service your property at this time, you will fill out an online form and we’ll call to set up scheduling. There’s a little bit more paperwork after the install, but then you’ll be on super fast internet!

  • That depends! We have two ways to get gig speed to your house: fiber to the home or a short distance wireless solution. Your home will receive whichever type we have designed for your area. Either way, there will be a box attached to your house and a fiber line run through your wall to one of our routers inside your house.