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The Best Devices for All Your Streaming Needs

By Sean / September 21, 2023 /

There are so many ways to stream content it might make your head spin. The truth is that unless you’re trying to work some sort of streaming wizardry, many of the streaming devices have pretty similar capabilities, so it’s hard to make a bad decision. In case you want to dive a bit deeper, here’s…

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Luminate_streaming 101

Streaming 101

By Sean / September 15, 2023 /

What is Buffering? When you stream a TV show or movie, a small amount of data loads on your device before it becomes visible to you; this process is called buffering. When the data upload is slower than the stream, your device might need a few moments to catch up. This could lead to the…

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Router 101

Router 101

By Sean / September 7, 2023 /

What is a Router? First things first, what even is a router other than one of the boxes that are used to set up your internet? A router is a device that connects the internet from your modem to your devices.  What is the Difference Between a Router and a Modem? A modem is a…

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Luminate Bill

How to Read Your First Luminate Bill

By Sean / August 24, 2023 /

How to Read Your First Luminate Bill We say what we say we charge – no gotchas! So why is your first Luminate bill higher than your quoted monthly fee? The first bill often includes one-time set-up fees, such as installation and costs for pro-rated services. Below we’ll break down each line item on your…

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